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The power of a good story

As a video production company, we've made videos about all kinds of topics, for companies in all kinds of industries. Each industry and each topic comes with its own challenges, but one thing is crystal clear: video only works if it has a strong story.

It keeps the attention of your viewer, conveys your message, and leaves the right impression. That’s why our focus with each project is on storytelling.

The many faces of video

Video exists in all shapes and sizes. As an animation studio we of course specialise in animated video, but even within that category there is a lot of variation. Do you go for a video with typical, cartoony characters? Or do you go for clean lines and an abstract story? Do you want to come across as professional and business-like? Or is creativity your focus?

Every project is different. The target audience is different, the branding is different, the tone of voice is different … and so on. Because of that, our work is always completely tailored to your company, and your message. And that means that the end results can take many different forms. Here's a small sample:

How we
do video.

The practical side

Quality through organisation! You get everything handed
to you on a silver platter: timelines, deliverables, communication etc.
Forget everything you thought you knew about project management,
our intuitive feedback platform makes everything simpler.

The creative side

We take our time to get to know you, and everything about you. Only then can we think up the right creative concept: a storytelling vessel that helps getting your message across. What follows is a logical series of creative steps, each new one enriching the one before.
The result? A unique video that matches who you are, that sells what you’re saying, and that excites who you’re talking to.

Until next time?

That we’re good at what we do, you will notice straight away during our first collaboration. But the more collaborations we have in the past, the more we can really shine. We get to know you better and can immediately jump in on the same line of thinking as your team. 

Because we’re not just executors, we think along with your team. Only in this way can we get to a result that gives you the value you paid for, and has us tear up a tiny bit.

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