What can animation do for you?

Short animated videos that inform, engage or convert your viewers.
Achieve your company objectives with animated video.

How we create your animation video

Identify your needs

“I want a cool video” should not be your true goal. That is why at first we join forces to look for your ambition, your purpose. No video for video, but an intelligent approach.

We take a look at your target audience, define style, choose channels and prepare ourselves for the video kick-off.

A great opportunity to get to know each other. Did you know we have a Tekken 2 arcade game at the office?

Get creative

When goals are clear, it is time to get creative. How about a kick-off? Translating the strategic thinking and your needs into a masterplan and a concept.

You like it? Here comes the copywriter! Through a scenario and script, you get a first impression of the final result, finishing off with the storyboard.

Everybody on the same page? Enter the animators. Built on talent and expertise we reshape your goals and briefing into a well-made animated video.

Deploy awesomeness

Dropping the video and turning our backs, that would be too easy. We look for the right channels, adjust the settings, write the titles and descriptions, make sure the video is well encapsulated…
Maximum impact guaranteed.


Did it work? We make it easier for you to meet your goals and provide you with supporting data. And follow up with analysis and suggestions for optimisations after the video is launched.

Want an animation that gets you results?

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