What video marketing trends can you expect in 2016 and beyond?

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What video marketing trends can you expect in 2016 and beyond?


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Predicting trends is hard. And it’s especially hard to do in the online video space, where so many new developments and possibilities keep surfacing.

But from a 10,000 feet view you can definitely spot some patterns. Here are three trends that we at Well Played think will become more important in 2016 and beyond.

Using video in all customer touch points

As an investment, video makes total sense to use in lower parts of your marketing funnel, where you continue to build trust and make people more comfortable to do business or work with you.


  • Detailed product demos
  • Client testimonials or case studies
  • Introduction of team members
  • Follow-up with prospects


As a wise man once said: 

“Humans don’t buy from companies; humans buy from humans, so creating authentic content for humans is every smart company’s primary goal.”

Furthermore we’ll also see more use of video after the sale. These could be videos that answer frequently asked questions, or instructional videos to ensure clients get the most out of their purchase or their collaboration with you.

Interactive video

Crazy Egg’s Neil Patel puts it this way:

“You need to get your users to become more actively involved with your content and website."

Why? Because passive lurkers don’t convert! The way to boost your conversions is to boost your interactivity.




Marketers have long realised the potential of interactive web video and have done interesting experiments. However the technological complexity seems to have stood in the way of mainstream adoption. Expect that to change in 2016. Companies like Zentrick focus on interactive video ads. Video platforms such as Wistia make it easy for anyone to add interactive elements to videos.

Think integrated email opt-in boxes, but also ‘choose your own adventure’ style videos in which the viewer gets to choose between options and the content of the video changes accordingly.

Personalised video

Traditional advertising was shaped by mass media. Advertisers would create a television spot, and broadcasters would pump it into millions of households, with the same one-size-fits-all experience for each viewer.

This is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


(Warning: do not try this at home.)     

Luckily for advertisers, the web offers a far more personalised approach. Real-time personalisation (RTP) allows you to present different kinds of content based on browsing behavior, location, referring URLs, and more. So expect video to get more personal as well.

First of all in terms of distribution: marketing automation allows you nurture leads with a tailored series of videos, based on the available lead data. A simple example: if someone sees a video about widget X and opts in to your email list, they get a video testimonial from a user the next day.

Secondly, also expect video contents to get more personal. Already, some websites push different content elements to the homepage, depending on the available data of visitor of the site. We think video will behave the same. Viewers will see tailored videos that are compiled of video elements according to their profile and interests.

What trends do you see?

We’re very curious to know what other trends you see for the years to come. So get in touch!

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