Video marketing strategy: How to make your video soar

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As content marketing matures, marketers increasingly take a more strategic approach to creating content. Popular elements in a content marketing strategy include defining goals and KPIs, audiences, and ways of distributing your content.

Video is, of course, also ‘content’. So let’s draw some inspiration from the world of content marketing and ‘borrow’ a few elements to use in your video marketing strategy.

1. Tie business goals to your video

Views, likes, comments and shares are nice. But they're also open-ended. It's hard to say whether they contribute to your bottom line.

What 'real' business goals can you tie to a video? Are you looking to increase revenue by...

  • selling products, services or tickets?
  • getting people on an email list?
  • getting people to contact you?

Or maybe you are looking to reduce costs by decreasing:

  • the number of returned products?
  • the number of calls to your help desk?
  • the number of emails with questions you receive?

All of these metrics influence your revenue — directly or indirectly.

Do you see how tying one of these goals to your video makes it much easier to prove or increase your ROI?

2. Create an audience persona

Every good content marketer has one or more audience personas: fictional characters to keep in mind while creating content.

Personas are great to keep in mind so you will be able to better tailor your content to your audience and even generate new content ideas. They’re an essential part of your video marketing strategy.

A good audience persona contains answers to questions like:

  • Who are you making the video for?
  • What do they want to know or achieve?
  • Why do they want that?
  • What worries them about not succeeding?

Do a little brainstorming around these questions. Afterwards, you’ll find it much easier to decide which stories to tell.

3. Include a buyer’s journey in your video marketing strategy

Content marketing is about trying to move a prospect through the ‘buyer’s journey’. This is done by serving the right content at the right time.

  • In the Awareness stage, you are serving your potential client educational content that is not focused on your product or service.
  • In the Consideration stage, you start discussing different solutions to the problem the client has.
  • In the Decision stage, you reveal your product or service with a demo or a free trial. Case studies and testimonials also work really well here.

It’s smart to think about where a video will fit.

4. Consider how you will distribute your video

Too much web content gets underexposed. There is simply too much being created and you will need to give your videos a push in order for them to be seen.

In your video marketing strategy be sure to think further than uploading your video. Consider for example:

  • On which social media networks can you post the video?
  • Will you use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or other forms of online advertising?
  • Can you email clients, colleagues or contacts in your network and announce the video?

5. Think long-term, create a ‘content channel’

Smart content marketers think long-term. They know that a blog needs time to grow and becomes more valuable as they publish more articles that complement and reinforce each other.

Likewise, publishing a series of videos can create a collection of content that is stronger than the sum of its parts. For example, take a look at the videos we made for Orthopedie Roeselare that explain four different ‘clinical pathways’.

Ready to get strategic?

If you’d like to bounce a few ideas off our team, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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