Why Youtube might not always be your best choice

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Why Youtube might not always be your best choice


You've finished your video and you need to host it. But where? YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Wistia all seem like a good choice. But does it really matter where you host it? Your video is going viral anyway, right?

The single most important thing about your video, is that people click on it to watch it. And each of these platforms has its own qualities, benefits and purpose. So your goals will define the platform that's right for you. 

Let’s take a look at five essential parameters for choosing a platform...

1. Findability and SEO
2. Community
3. Viewing experience
4. Analytics
5. Price plans

1. Findability and SEO

Suppose you upload your video, optimise it for search engines and lay back. What will happen on each platform?

YouTube ★★★★★
YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. If you choose a popular topic and optimise your video, it should get discovered on its own. People will also discover your video when they do a Google search and look under Videos.

Facebook ★★★☆☆
Many of your Facebook fans should see your video turn up in their Facebook news feed. Most people don’t actively search for content in Facebook, so don’t expect many impressions after a few days, and it definitely won’t show up in Google.

Vimeo ★★★★☆
Vimeo is a platform for creatives and professionals. It’s a smaller video hosting platform than YouTube, and fewer people perform video searches on the site itself. However, Vimeo videos do turn up in search engines and can be optimised for search.

Wistia ★★★☆☆
Wistia’s community consists of video marketers, and is presumably even smaller than Vimeo’s. But Wistia videos also turn up in search engines when you embed the video player on your site. Search engine optimisation is built in.

2. Community

How much interaction with viewers can you expect on each platform?

YouTube ★★★☆☆
The YouTube community can be very interactive. But the content needs to be outstanding, and you’ll need to drive enough traffic to your video. Building a channel with multiple video helps a lot.

Facebook ★★★★☆
People love to interact on Facebook. Especially in the first few days after uploading your video, expect a good amount of likes, comments and possibly shares (assuming your video is a good fit for your audience.)

Vimeo ★★☆☆☆
Vimeo has a smaller community mostly made up people who create and/or like more creative and artistic videos. Expect interaction, but only if your video meets their high standards.

Wistia ☆☆☆☆☆
Wistia does not have a community of users built-in.

3. Viewing experience

Let’s take a look at the circumstances in which your viewers watch individual videos.

YouTube ★☆☆☆☆
YouTube is supported by ads, and watching a video on YouTube is like trying to have a conversation on Times Square on a Friday night. Advertisements and suggested videos are a constant distraction in this video hosting service.

Facebook ★★☆☆☆
Facebook is a little better, but there are still ads, and — arguably worse — friends’ baby pictures trying to steal your viewer’s attention.

Vimeo ★★★★☆
The folks at Vimeo are keen on keeping their site more serene. Non-paid Vimeo members see banner ads, but videos aren’t interrupted or delayed by ads. Paid plans allow you to also  customise the player.

Wistia ★★★★★
This is where Wistia really shines. In short, you fully control the viewing experience. Options include customising the player (branding, player/play button colours, and playback), adding call to actions, and even ‘gate’ your video behind an e-mail opt-in box.

4. Analytics

You’ve uploaded your video and people have seen it. How well do platforms show you how it performs?

YouTube ★★★★☆
For a free platform, YouTube has a decent analytics dashboard. You can see viewers’ behaviour for individual videos, which allows you to finetune its contents. You can also see the demographic distribution of your viewers and likes and comments per video.

Facebook ★★★★☆
Metrics include: minutes viewed, number of 10-second views, and average % of viewers that completed the video. Like in YouTube, you can also see where in the video people drop off.

Vimeo ★★★☆☆
Not one of Vimeo’s strongest points. You get the basics: some demographics, video engagement, and views per site where you embed the video. These analytics are only available in paid accounts.

Wistia ★★★★★
As you’d expect, Wistia has amazing video analytics. Every single video view generates a ‘heat map’ that shows the viewer behaviour. You can even track individuals’ viewing history to see which videos they watched and for how long.

5. Price plans

Our comparison wouldn’t be complete without the price plans for each platform.

YouTube - free
On YouTube, the hosting of your video is completely free.

Facebook - ‘free’
Uploading your video onto your Facebook page is free. But be prepared to spend money on advertising since the ‘organic’ (non-paid) reach on Facebook is minimal.

Vimeo - freemium
Vimeo is free up to 500 MB of uploaded material per week. Paid plans, for more bandwidth, analytics and player customisation, start at € 49,95/year.

Wistia - freemium
Wistia offers a free account, but only for up to 5 videos and the player is Wistia branded. The magic doesn’t happen until you sign up for a paid plan, starting at  $ 100/month (or $ 1200/year). (Hint: we can get you a better deal - just contact us :) )



In short

  • When organic discovery is important for you, when you want decent analytics and when you don’t mind the distractions, choose YouTube.
  • When you have a strong Facebook presence, are willing to spend money to ‘push’ your video, and do not mind the distractions, choose Facebook.When your video is of a creative nature, when you want a less noisy environment, and don’t depend as much on organic discovery, choose Vimeo.
  • When you want conversions, extensive analytics and total control of the viewing experience, plus you have budget to spend, choose Wistia.


Happy hosting! And if you still can't see the wood for the trees, get in touch, we're happy to help.

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