The power of creative concepts

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The power of creative concepts

When is a shark tank a good idea?

Every once in a while, "clear and simple" isn’t enough to get a message across. 
Every once in a while, a video needs an extra something to make that message stick. 
So every once in a while, we pitch a crazy idea to the client because that is what their message needs.



Take this video for our client Planet Group. They’re in the outplacement business in IT, HR and Medical. Working with temporary contracts on temporary projects is what they do and timesheets are an essential part of their organisation. From time to time unfortunately, timesheets are forgotten, incomplete, late or incorrect. And that was harming both the company and the people: Administration simply can't process salaries as long as the timesheets aren't in order.

Planet Group needed a solution that was clear, uniform and easy to distribute. But most of all they needed a solution that would actually do the trick. Previous efforts (mailing, notifications and even a workshop) all seemed to miss the target.

The challenge? Create a video that gets employees to fill out their timesheets correctly, by a certain date, send it to the right person and have it signed.

How we approached it? We decided to hit people where it hurts: their wallets. Not receiving your monthly salary surely isn’t something you’d take lightly. The image of a huge shark tank with a terrifying Great White devouring your well-deserved money popped into our heads, and we went from there ... 

Over the top? Sure. Something you wouldn't forget? Definitely. We went for it, polished the idea until we had a concept that combined the practical with the humoristic and presented it to the client, who was instantly sold.

The point is: it pays off to get out of your comfort zone, and to approach things slightly differently than your viewer would expect. It won't scare them off. On the contrary, it will get their attention and help plant the seed that is your message.

With your approval, we at Well Played love to create surprising concepts that go beyond simply saying what you want to say. And sometimes, we even come up with something different from what you expected. That just means that we don't merely execute, we’re professionals who sincerely care about helping you communicate better with video.

So don’t come to us for the video you want. Come to us for the video you need :)

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