8 questions to ask yourself when choosing an animation studio

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8 questions to ask yourself when choosing an animation studio



  • Animation studios are mushrooming
  • Use our 3 questions to create your shortlist of studios
  • Then, use the 5 remaining to pick your studio


Are you looking to produce a short animated video?

Companies and organisations around the globe are discovering the endless possibilities of animated video. As a result, animation studios are mushrooming.

But how do you choose the right studio for your company? These eight questions  will help you decide.

Use the first three questions to create a ‘shortlist’ of animation studios, and the next five to select the best partner for you.


Questions to help you create a shortlist of animation studios


1. Do you like their work?

First of all, take a good look at a studio’s online portfolio. See if you like their visual style. Does it feel fresh to you? Do their videos look neat and professionally made? Secondly, see if you can find case studies or client stories that explain what problems they have successfully solved for clients. This is proof of their strategic thinking.

2. Have they worked with similar clients?

When you browse a studio’s portfolio, check if they’ve worked with other organisations in your industry. This is certainly not a prerequisite, but if you’re in a very specific industry it might save both parties valuable time

3. Do they have talented writers?

A common misunderstanding is that video is all about the visuals. In reality, the script is at least as important as a factor for success. Notice how well a studio’s videos are written: Does it convey enough information, and not too much? Do the words flow smoothly? A trick here is to play the video and close your eyes. The best animated videos are great even to just listen to.


Questions to ask yourself when reaching out to your shortlist

You’ve done your homework. Time to reach out to your favourite animation studios, get a better feel for how they work, and select the best match.


4. Do they fit your budget?

If possible, check off practicalities before going into more detail about the project — this saves everybody time. The first question to ask an animation studio on your shortlist  is what they can offer for the budget you have to spend.


5. When could they deliver?

A studio could create the perfect video for you, but if they can’t deliver by the time you need it, they might not be the best pick right now. Describe roughly what video you are looking to produce and ask an estimated delivery time. Count on 4-6 weeks for a quality animated video  that is tailored to your needs and objectives.


6. Are they client-focused?

The best animation studios are genuinely concerned about making the best possible video. When you approach a studio, notice if they are genuinely interested in your organisation and your goals, and whether they ask relevant and specific questions, such as: what are your objectives with the video? Who is your target audience? What will be your main message?


7. What are their client processes like?

Producing an animated video is a big deal. It’s a complex team effort usually carried out over at four to six weeks. Therefore, ask which project management processes the studio has in place and whether they’re using applications for online collaboration. Compared to email, such a platform makes video production a lot quicker and easier, and it provides better overview.


8. Do they offer useful services beyond video production?

The work won’t stop after the video has been done. You’ll need to take next steps like choose hosting services and promote the video towards your target audience. Some studios therefore offer additional video marketing services to make sure you get the most out of your video.


Final thoughts

Picking the right animation studio is no easy task. But in my mind, it’s really worth it to carefully consider your options up front. This could be the beginning of a long-lasting, fruitful business relationship.

You are kindly invited to nose around our portfolio as well - and if we make it to your shortlist, do get in touch ;-)



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