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Why animation is perfect for a tv commercial

Most of our videos are shared through online channels. Email campaigns, Facebook ads, websites, you name it. But a few of our videos have been shared on a different screen: they were broadcast on tv. And with good reason, because animation has some obvious benefits.

The benefits of animation on tv

If you are looking to make a tv commercial, we believe that animation has a lot to offer.

But at what cost?

When hearing the words “animation” and “tv commercials”, you might think of Coca-Cola Christmas commercials, the more recent Oreo campaign (Wonder if I gave an Oreo to …) or if we go local the 3D Ethias characters hailing from all corners of Flanders. Productions like that usually have budgets that are close to Hollywood-sized. 

But if all you want is a commercial that gets you results, then a simple animation that engages your target audience is more than enough. And a video like that is a lot more budget-friendly. 

Take for example the videos we made for Eandis and for Partena (now Helan). As you can see, the style of these two videos is quite different. One is more fresh and fun, the other quite minimalistic. So different, and yet both videos convey exactly the message they were meant to convey. All in 30 seconds!

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