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Why animated video is the way to go for HR

Video is versatile. It can attract new talent, and teach them everything they need to know about your company. It can also make your seasoned employees excited about a new policy, a new tool, a new way of working … And it’s a fun way to wish your whole team “congratulations”, “thank you”, or “happy new year”.

If you go with animation video, you get even more bang for your buck. Not only is it often more budget friendly, it also allows you to tell any story you want. No matter how crazy. And such a crazy story will make all the difference.

The challenges

Every organisation claims that they’re different - better! - than everyone else. Easily said of course, but how do you bring that into view? Your colleagues are not star actors, your office is not a movie set, and you don’t have a special effects budget. 
In many cases your message is meant for a very wide target audience: potential customers, future colleagues, third parties you collaborate with, you name it. They all have different priorities. And different levels of prior knowledge. 
You don’t just want to make a good impression, but also a lasting one. That way your viewer will remember how great your organisation is for a long time.

Our solutions

No special effects needed for animation. We come up with a unique creative concept and build a strong story around your message. And we do it with a visual style that fits you like a glove. 
As an experienced outsider, we’re the perfect sounding board to finetune your message. What's the core message and what not? Where would a layman need some more explanation? And what argument will convince your various viewers? Together we build a strong story that has the right impact. 
Humans are simple creatures. Give us a sales pitch and it will slide off our back. But tell us a good story, and we’re sold. Especially if that story hits all the right notes.   

So what does that look like? Here’s a compilation of scenes from videos we’ve made for HR purposes, from recruitment to employer branding. 

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