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A team of video enthusiasts

In 2012, (online B2B) video was still pretty new. We were pioneers in short-form animated videos,
focusing mostly on simple explainers. Complex made simple was our motto. As video got bigger, we changed.
We explored new types of video, and offered more support invideo strategy and marketing.
Helping you get more out of video. Today, we’re a full service video agency.

From single piece of advice to full package, we can get you exactly what you need.

Freya Schits
Operational Director
+32 9 395 04 22
Henri Gerniers
Creative Director
+32 9 395 04 22
Julie Moreau
Project Manager
+32 9 395 04 25
Hanne Ostyn
Janne Raets
Illustrator & Visual Storyteller
Samuel Baro

Marc Curias
Motion Designer
Andres Arevalo
Motion Designer
Daniel Molamphy
Motion Designer